School Groups – CoSer

Did you know the cost of your group’s Tour of Champions tickets to the event may be covered by the BOCES Co-Ser Arts in Education program?

Arts In Education program description and guidelines is available at: AIE Guidelines.

More information is available at the Erie 1 BOCES Website

General Guidelines and AIE request form:

AIE Request Form Template

Steps to Participate:

  1. Teacher contacts DATW Group Sales Dave Robbins (716) 949-1262, to block number of seats and in what price locale (see DATW ticket /stadium page).
  2. Teacher picks up a Co-Ser Arts in Education form from your school administrator.
  3. Teacher fills out the form (for assistance see: AIE Request Form Template.)
  4. Submit the completed form to your school administrator.
  5. Teacher contacts Dave Robbins to inform him the form has been submitted to BOCES.
  6. The School District increases the BOCES budget in the amount of the DATW program.
  7. BOCES pays DATW directly for the tickets.
  8. DATW/Dave Robbins provides tickets to teacher.
  9. Teacher and students attend the DATW program on Aug 3rd!
  10. Next year the District gets aid percentage back on the DATW program expenditure.

Contact Information

Deborah Schweigert
Arts in Education Secretary
Phone: (716) 821-7188