2013 Tour of Champions Scores

One of the highlights of this year’s TOC will be the use of a new cumulative scoring system that will aggregate the scores of all seven events to determine which corps will take home the first-ever Tour of Champions Cup.

Championship Series Scoring

Carolina Crown85.45085.40089.90091.10091.85095.10095.850185.650
Blue Devils84.10084.85089.80092.15091.90095.75095.850185.608
The Cadets83.90085.40089.55091.00090.85094.40094.500183.683
Santa Clara Vanguard82.35083.25087.85089.90089.05093.15094.450182.042
Phantom Regiment80.75081.55085.45087.20087.90091.55091.350177.083
The Cavaliers78.30079.00082.50084.35084.95089.10089.500172.533

Cumulative Scoring Formula

NEW FOR 2013: While each Tour of Champions event will be based on the DCI judging system, a sequential scoring system will be used across all seven shows similar to those used in NASCAR and other sporting events. The cumulative scoring will result in a season-long champion named at the final Tour of Champions event in Buffalo.

This cumulative score will be calculated by taking each corps’ average score across the first six TOC competitions (dividing the sum of the scores by six), then adding that corps’ score from the final event in Buffalo, N.Y. to the calculated average.

Cumulative Scoring Formula

T = The total number of shows prior to the final show.

S = The total accumulated score for any given corps from all of the shows prior to the final show.

F = The score for any given corps at the final show.

CSS = Championship Series Score

Formula: (S / T) + F = CSS

Central Missouri * Thursday, July 11, 2013 * Warrensburg, MO

PlaceCorpsGeneral EffectVisualMusicScore
1Carolina Crown34.20025.90025.35085.450
2Blue Devils33.60025.45025.05084.100
3The Cadets33.10025.55025.25083.900
4Santa Clara Vanguard32.90024.80024.65082.350
5Phantom Regiment32.10024.75023.90080.750
7The Cavaliers30.80023.65023.85078.300

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Northern Illinois * Sunday, July 14, 2013 * DeKalb, IL

PlaceCorpsGeneral EffectVisualMusicScore
1The Cadets34.10025.75025.55085.400
2Carolina Crown34.50025.70025.20085.400
3Blue Devils33.80025.70025.35084.850
4Santa Clara Vanguard33.20025.10024.95083.250
5Phantom Regiment32.40024.75024.40081.550
7The Cavaliers31.70023.65023.65079.000

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Texas * Sunday, July 21, 2013 * Round Rock, TX

PlaceCorpsGeneral EffectVisualMusicScore
1Carolina Crown36.10026.95026.85089.900
2Blue Devils36.00026.90026.90089.800
3The Cadets36.40026.25026.90089.550
4Santa Clara Vanguard34.80026.30026.75087.850
5Phantom Regiment34.20025.75025.50085.450
7The Cavaliers32.70024.85024.95082.500
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The Masters of the Summer Music Games * Friday, July 26 * Murfreesboro, TN

PlaceCorpsGeneral EffectVisualMusicScore
1Blue Devils37.00027.65027.50092.150
2Carolina Crown37.30026.85026.95091.100
3The Cadets36.60027.00027.40091.000
4Santa Clara Vanguard36.30026.70026.90089.900
5Phantom Regiment35.30026.00025.90087.200
7The Cavaliers33.60025.05025.70084.350
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NightBEAT * Saturday, July 27, 2013 * Charlotte, TX

PlaceCorpsGeneral EffectVisualMusicScore
1Blue Devils36.60027.85027.45091.900
2Carolina Crown36.80027.80027.25091.850
3The Cadets36.30027.30027.25090.850
4Santa Clara Vanguard35.10027.15026.80089.050
5Phantom Regiment35.00026.70026.20087.900
7The Cavaliers34.00025.25025.70084.950
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Tour of Champions * Sunday, August 4, 2013 * Allentown, PA

PlaceCorpsGeneral EffectVisualMusicScore
1Blue Devils38.00029.10028.65095.750
2Carolina Crown38.00028.75028.35095.100
3The Cadets37.60028.20028.60094.400
4Santa Clara Vanguard36.80028.30028.05093.150
5Phantom Regiment36.30027.75027.50091.550
7The Cavaliers35.10026.70027.30089.100
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Drums Along the Waterfront, Tour of Champions * Monday, August 5, 2013 * Buffalo, NY

PlaceCorpsGeneral EffectVisualMusicScore
1Carolina Crown38.70028.60028.55095.850
2Blue Devils38.60028.45028.80095.850
3The Cadets37.70028.10028.70094.500
4Santa Clara Vanguard37.50028.45028.50094.450
6Phantom Regiment36.50027.40027.45091.350
7The Cavaliers35.30026.65027.55089.500
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