DownBeat at Buffalo Bills Halftime

On the 12th Day of Christmas, the Buffalo Bills gave to me, 20 drummers drumming and a vict’ry over Mi – am – ee! Sticking to the Miami Dolphins was both DownBeat Percussion and the Buffalo Bills! Downbeat took the pre game and halftime while the Bills took the game! ..and the Fans loved it all! GREAT job DownBeat! DownBeat would like to give Special Thanks to the Buffalo Bills for being such great hosts, and to David Bruni and the Statesmen for your support.

Buffalo-Bills-DownBeat-Halftime-Dec-2013 061

Buffalo-Bills-DownBeat-Halftime-Dec-2013 053

Buffalo-Bills-DownBeat-Halftime-Dec-2013 051

Buffalo-Bills-DownBeat-Halftime-Dec-2013 050

Buffalo-Bills-DownBeat-Halftime-Dec-2013 047

Buffalo-Bills-DownBeat-Halftime-Dec-2013 043

Buffalo-Bills-DownBeat-Halftime-Dec-2013 032

Buffalo-Bills-DownBeat-Halftime-Dec-2013 031

Buffalo-Bills-DownBeat-Halftime-Dec-2013 014

Buffalo-Bills-DownBeat-Halftime-Dec-2013 009

Buffalo-Bills-DownBeat-Halftime-Dec-2013 007

Buffalo-Bills-DownBeat-Halftime-Dec-2013 005

Buffalo-Bills-DownBeat-Halftime-Dec-2013 004

Buffalo-Bills-DownBeat-Halftime-Dec-2013 003

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