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The opportunity is yours. We invite you to become a partner of Drums Along the Waterfront!

Opportunities include but are not exclusive to:

  • Advertising and promotion in newspaper, television and radio.
  • Mailings and flyer distribution
  • Logos on posters
  • Web site inclusion
  • Booth display & sampling
  • Ad and logo in DATW program book
  • Stadium video board recognition
  • PA advertisements/announcements
  • Special on field recognition during the award ceremony
  • Premium seats & VIP reception
  • Advertisements at promotional appearances including indoor shows, bands shows, exhibitions and parades
  • Being associated with the finest events in Western New York!

To customize a sponsor package that fits your needs, please contact Jack Gaylord Jr. at jgaylord11@gmail.com or (716) 867-1618.

When the top 8 corps in the world arrive here on August 6th, we can all sing “Welcome to West Herr N.Y!”

 Drums Along the Waterfront is proud to announce the West Herr Auto Group’s sponsoring of the 2017 Drums Along the Waterfront-Tour of Champions event!

Stated Drums Along the Waterfront President Jack Gaylord, Jr“ Since 1950 West Herr has built their reputation on excellence, customer satisfaction and understanding their roots, Since 1997 Drums Along the Waterfront has built our reputation on the excellence of our programming, customer satisfaction and an understanding of the roots of our activity. We are excited our high standards that have earned honors and our customer’s trust have come together!”

 Gaylord added : “Drums Along the Waterfront patrons are extremely loyal to sponsors & those who support the activity; they may “march” to West Herr, but you’ll find them driving away satisfied customers! 


Drums Along the Waterfront appreciates the support of other local media such as The Bee Group  Newspapers and WBBZ.